Visit Utjeha

The small picturesque touristic place Utjeha is situated in the very southern part of the Bar Riviera. Nested in an olive bay called Uvala Maslina, this place holds one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro.

Utjeha is very near to Bar (14 km) and within apx. an hour drive from both of the Montenegrian airports: Podgorica and Tivat. This place is surrounded with an old olive forest, the olive trees in which are more than a thousand years old. These trees provide a unique wonderful scent which along with the sea air makes Utjeha a place with all possible healing powers. Utjeha is very popular among tourists and during the high season the beaches are rather crowded.

The coast line is curved and rocky with many secluded, hidden small pebble beaches. The main beach of Utjeha is 800 m long with all the needed infrastructure: sunbeds, sunshades, cafes and restaurants, sports grounds and playgrounds for children. The water here has a unique turquoise color, because the sea water mixes with the numerous freshwater springs. This is the reason why the underwater life in this part of the Adriatic is very bright and so Utjeha is an attractive place for scuba-diving.

Another very beautiful and picturesque place in Utjeha is called Vidikovac or “Hladna Uvala”. It is well-known for the numerous cold freshwater springs which provide the effeсt of a “contrast bath”. Swimming in such water is known to be good for healing all sorts of chronic diseases. From whichever side you look at it, Utjeha is a place where you can relax and improve  your health.

It is a developing touristic settlement, with well organized public transportation, parkings and taxi spots. Tourists can enjoy their time in numerous cafes, restaurants and night bars.