Visit Meljine

Meljine is a small touristic settlement in the heart of the Boka bay, situated very near to the Old town of Herceg-Novi. Though it is small it has a long history and it is a hundred years older than Herceg-Novi itself. It is a place where tourists come to enjoy peace, nature beauty and the crystal clear water of the Adriatic sea.

Meljine is a very picturesque place with absolutely Mediterranean flora, pebble beaches and a big historical value.

The fortress of Meljine, hospital

Meljine is famous for its fortress, built in 1732, and used as a military hospital for several centuries. It was built by the Venetians at first as a defensive installation. To build it the workers used carved stone, which the monks used in the construction of the Savina church nearby. The place of the construction wasn't built accidently - for many centuries this spot was well-known for its healthy microclimate, which helped to cure the injuries that warriors got in battles. The massive walls hide the building of the hospital which had several entrances. The Venetians also built two docks for the ships, which are now used as a marine.

In 1741 a long water-pipe connected Savina church and the hospital, bringing Holy water to it. The hospital, at first used only as a military health-centre, eventually became one of the most famous hospitals on the Balkans.

Nowadays, it is renovated and used as a big medical centre with first-class specialists of all kind and excellent conditions.

Savina church

The magnificent church was built in the 11th century out of carved stone. It is situated very close to Meljine. It is a monastery complex that consists of three churches, a private hull and a cemetery.

The monastery holds numerous artifacts and relics, among which the most famous is thewonder-working icon of Savina Virgin of Mary. It is believed that the icon ssaved the church from destruction several times. The legend says that during the intervention of the Venetians in the 18th century, the monks prayed in front of the icon and a big thunderstorm started, with lightning that hit one of the enemies ships and completely destroyed it.

The church is the place where the world-known film director Emir Kusturica was christened.

Promenade 'Pet Danica'

Those of you who like long walks, will surely enjoy the 6 km promenade called 'Pet Danica'. It is a path connecting Herceg-Novi with all the nearby settlements up to Zelenika. It got its name in the memory of five heroes all named by the local name Danica, killed during World War II. This road is also called 'The health path', because it is surrounded by crystal blue waters of the Adriatic from one side, and the richness of the Mediterranean flora from the other. While walking you can refresh on the numerous beaches, enjoy a cup of coffee or try the national cuisine in one of the restaurants.