Visit Plav

A small town situated in the north-east of Montenegro at the foot of Prokletije mountain range and on the shore of the beautiful Plavsko lake, located at the altitude of 910 m above sea level on the place where the Lim river flows into the lake.

Plav was founded in the Middle Ages and according to one legend it took its name after the ancient Roman imperator Plaviy, while another legend says that it got its name because of the constant floods that occurred around lake Plavsko. The first settlements were mentioned here back in the 13th century. The town itself was founded by the Turks in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire occupation of these lands. The local people fought with the Turks for several centuries, but they managed to free their lands only in 1912. The long Turkish domination left a big print on the history, architecture and culture of these lands. That is why there are four Moslem mosques in Plav ( more than in other cities of Montenegro).

Plav and its surroundings hold unique nature beauties that offer a wide range of activities for those fond of winter sports, walking and hiking, fishing and swimming in clear lake waters. That is the reason why this place is very popular for eco-tourism – there are many eco-settlements and eco-hotels around the Plavsko lake where you can find all the needed conditions for a relaxed and peaceful rest. In the winter time several ski centers are opened on the peaks of Prokletije mountains.

The National Park of Prokletije is a place of great interest. It gained the status of a national park in 2009 and attracts tourists from all over Europe with its high mountain peaks ( over 2000m) and a big number of glacier lakes – there are six of them in the park. There are several ecosystems and three different climate zones in the park. This is a unique nature reserve with a very vivid flora and fauna.

Lake Plavsko is without any doubt the center of eco-tourism in the region. It is the second biggest lake on the territory of formal Jugoslavia. Its clear waters are ideal for swimming in the summer time, and during the winter the lake freezes and is used as a huge skating rink. There are boat riding, rowing and diving competitions, sailing regattas on the lake. There are all conditions for sport fishing. The water in the lake is believed to have healing qualities.

Along with the nature beauties Plav offers some historical places of value.

One of the oldest buildings in Plav is Redjepagic tower – built in the 17th century during the Turkish occupation. There were other towers within the complex but they haven’t survived till our days.

From the four mosques located in the town the oldest one is the Old ( Royal) Mosque. It was built in 1471 and has an interesting appearance – its main part is made of stone while the entrance is wooden. It gained its modern look only in the 18th century. The Sultan Mosque was built in the 20th century and is even now the center of the Moslem community of Plav.

There is an important Christian sanctuary located not far from the town – the Holy Trinity Church. It was built in the Middle Ages and was the center of Serbian Orthodox church in the region for a long time.

Plav and its suburbs is a real treasure for those who love nature beauties and historical values. Find time to visit this magnificent place that will leave a great impact on you!