Visit Kolasin

Kolasin is one of the centers of mountain tourism in Montenegro. Although considered more attractive tourist destination, due to an amount which is located as well as opportunities for winter tourism.

The city is easily accessible by road and rail. Kolasin is located at the foot of Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains, offering excellent conditions for skiing. Because of the altitude of the city Kolasin (954 m), this location is considered an air spa destination.

The management of the ski center in previous years have been carefully listening to guests' requests to be fun and increase entertainment possibilities for this season the ski track is one of the priorities. In Kolasin you will be entertained by the best DJs, mulled wine, restaurant Ski Village and Ski bar, entertainers for children, numerous promotions, will make skiers during the break, and those who have not come to skiing enjoy a good party.

Escape the snow

Escape the snow is an event that is being organized in Kolasin and is in fact the first runway for ice skating in Montenegro. This structure is of significant size (15 x 30m), is set in the middle of the square Vukman buns.

Nature in Kolasin

In Kolasin the Intact nature of the crown of the mountain Bjelasica Komovi Sinjajevina and forest complex in the National Park of Biograd Gora (Forest full of lakes and vegetation) representations has a unique opportunity for tourist and visitors to enjoy the various sports and recreational activities: hiking, skiing, biking, horse riding, hunting, fishing and many other nature activeties. Near Kolasin in Montenegro runs the river Tara forming an amazing canyon. Tara canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, but the first in Europe. Read about Tara canyon as and within the National Park 'Durmitor', declared as 'World Heritage natural properties of UNESCO', meets three of the four conditions: geological, hydrological, and biological phenomena.