Visit Sutomore

Sutomore is a small touristic settlement situated in between the cities of Bar and Petrovac. It is a very popular touristic destination in Montenegro, well-known for its 5 km sandy beaches, which are hidden from the winds by the massive pine forests. Sutomore has its own microclimate that differs from most of the Montenegrian coastline. It is a perfect place for family holiday.

Before Sutomore had the name of Spizza and was a part of the Venetian Republic (from the 15th till the 18th centuries). Therefore up to the 20th century it was inhabited with many Italian families, who made wine-making one of the main economical branches of this region. Nowadays, of course, the town is mostly a touristic destination and brings a big contribution to the tourism in Montenegro. Due to the railway that passes directly through the town, Sutomore has become popular among the people, living in Podgorica, northern parts of Montenegro and Serbia.

Sutomore is well-known for its beaches. The main beach is apx. 2,5 km long, with crystal sand, pure water and all the needed facilities: sun beds, sun shades, cafes and restaurants, wave runners, catamarans, water bananas, possibilities for scuba-diving. The sand on this beach is known to have healing power: it is good for people who suffer from rheumatism. This is the reason why even 3 centuries ago the Venetian grand people came here to recover from living in the moisty Venice.

Another popular beach is called Canj, it is one of the best pebble beaches in Montenegro. For the convenience of the tourists during the season the embankment turns into a pedestrian zone (from the 1st of June till the 15th of September).

Apart from the beaches Sutomore offers several historical places of interest:

Haj-Nehaj fortress is located 230 m above sea level, it was built by the Venetians in the 15th-16th centuries. The fortress is surrounded with inaccessible walls and mountains from three sides, and only from one side a narrow path leads to the main entrance crowned with a winged lion – the symbol of the Venetian Republic. Along this path tourists can reach this medieval historical monument.

The Ratac monastery was first built in the 11th century, than rebuilt in the 14th century. Sometimes after it was inhabited by both Orthodox and Catholic moncs, and was eventually completely destroyed by the Turkish invaders. Today you can take a look at its remains.

The church of St Dimitry was built before the Haj-Nehaj fortress in the 13th century. The land near the church was used as a cemetery for brave worriers. Today it is used for public worships during saint holidays.

The church of St Fekla is a unique two-niche church, that dates back to the 13th-14th centuries. It combines sanctuaries of two confessions at the same time : Orthodox and Catholic. The cemetery surrounding the church also has the same division. The church was heavily damaged during the earthquake in 1979 and afterwards was incorrectly rebuilt. The complete restoration finished in 2005.

All in all Sutomore is known to be a quiet calm place. From here you can easily reach all popular touristic destinations in Montenegro. Due to its geographical placement, cheap prices on accommodation, and the seclusion of the beaches – Sutomore is an ideal place for people of moderate means.