Visit Herceg Novi

The marvelous city of Herceg Novi is situated at the foot of mountain Orien. It is one of the youngest cities in this part of the Adriatic coast, but despite that it has a very rich history.

It has been once a part of the Venetian province called Albania Veneta, and at that time this town had the name of Castelnuevo (New Castle, it.lang). It was founded and built in 1382 by the Bosnian king Stepan Tvrtko I. Due to the domination of different nations at various times the town has a wide mixture of architecture styles.

Where to stay in Herceg Novi?

Herceg Novi is the town nearest to the Croatian border. It is only 23 km away from Tivat and 30 km away from Dubrovnik. The town has all the public conveyances to take you to any part of Montenegro.

You can always stay in the town itself, to have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Old Town, to walk its small and narrow streets. But surprisingly Herceg Novi itself offers very little accommodation, there are options further, much cheaper in the neighboring villages of Igalo, Zelenika, Topla. They are all just a few minutes drive from Herceg Novi and offer peaceful, modern and quiet private accommodation.

What to do and what to see in Herceg Novi?

Herceg Novi is famous for its SPA and health centers. Nearby Igalo there is a spring of sea mud called Igalskoje blato and also a famous mineral water spring – Igalskoje saltine.

The most visited places in Herceg Novi are : the Forte Mare fortress, built by king Tvrtko I in 1382; the tower clock, raised by the Austrians in the 19th century; the fortress Kanli-Kula, built by the Turks and the Serbian orthodox church of Archangel Michael, located at Belavista – the central square of Herceg Novi.

The island of Mamula is located very near from Herceg Novi. You can easily hire a boat to take you there. The island is well-known for its fortress built to protect it from the enemies and that served later on as a prison.

We advise you to take a walk along the boulevard Pet Danica, a 7 km walking area, that connects Herceg Novi and Igalo. During your walk, you can always enjoy a cup of coffee or have lunch in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants.

It is very easy to see the other parts of Montenegro, by taking one of the excursions that Globtour Montenegro offers you, or by renting an auto and driving through the beauty of the unspoiled nature.

Nightlife in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is mostly a quiet town, with many historical spots, but still it has several bars that you can spend time in. During the touristic season, taxies can take you to Kotor or Budva, so you can enjoy the variety of nightlife in Montenegro.

14.10.2013, Published by Globtour Montenegro