Visit Mojkovac

The small mountain town of Mojkovac is situated at the altitude of 820 m above sea level on the north-east of Montenegro at the foot of the Belasica and Sinjavina mountain ranges.

Mojkovac is located right at the beginning of the river Tara canyon within about 100 km from the countries capital – Podgorica. It is often called the “the small Switzerland of Montenegro” due to the incredible beauty of the mountain ranges that surround it from all sides. Here you can see all the true beauties of the Montenegrian North!

Settlements on this territory were first mentioned in the middle of the 13th century. At that time the town of Brskovo located here was the commercial and industrial center of Montenegro. It was the only north region that was comparable to the big cities of the Adriatic coast with its economic potential. The first mint was opened here due to the numerous beds of silver ore in the nearby mountains. The first Serbian coins were minted here and the town was called Mojkovac as the word means “coining”. The town was the center of the countries Treasury till the 20th century. Along with coining, this region was famous for minecraft and woodworking industries. Mojkovac became a part of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century and the local people managed to free their lands from the invaders only in 1912. Afterwards the city of Mojkovac participated in the memorable battle of 1916 between Montenegro and Austria-Hungary. The Montenegro people managed to defend Mojkovac. There is an obelisk in the town in the memory of that battle.

Today the town develops its touristic resources thanks to the nature beauties it has. Alpinists from all over the world come here to conquer the peaks of Belasica and Sinjavina mountains (in the winter time they offer great opportunities for skiing and snowboard). Tara rafting is one of the most popular attractions of the Montenegro north and Mojkovac is the starting point of the raft.

For those of you who are fond of ecological tourism the National Park Biogradska Gora is a must-see. It is located in close distance to the town. It is believed to be the oldest park in Montenegro, its history begins in 1878 and it gained its status of a National Park in 1952. The park has a big variety of flora and fauna. Nearly 16 sq km of the park are covered with virgin forests and that is the reason the park is among the three European unique forest reserves. Many of the birds and animals found here are included to the Red book. There are 6 glacier lakes in the park – the biggest one is Biogradsko lake.

In the mountains of Sinjavina at the altitude of 1477 m above sea level you can find one of the deepest lakes in Montenegro – Zabojsko lake ( depth up to 19m). The lake is ideal for secluded fishing and for hiking around it.

If you are fond of historical values you can draw your attention to the mint (13th century) and the historical excavations of Brskovo ( 6 km from Mojkovac). There are also some important Christian sanctuaries – Moraca monastery (13th century), St George monastery (16th century) and Church of Archangel Michael (end of 19th century).

You can also visit the annual height diving competitions and the autumn film festival, when you can see films of local and international cinematography.