Visit Andrijevica

The small cozy town with a population of a little more than a thousand people, is situated on the bank of the beautiful Lim river, at the foot of mountain Chakor, in a very close distance from Albania.

The legend says that the town was founded in the 12th century around the church of St Andrija, built by Andrija Krshkapi. The city along with the church had been destroyed several times and than completely reconstructed. Andrijevica had been inhabited by the Illyrians, Romans and than eventually the Slavs. The town was the administrative part of the Ottoman Empire and after its collapse the land became the property of the Slavs again. Today Andrijevica is a quiet town that attracts tourists because of its picturesque landscapes and rich nature.

From long ago the local people obtained rare stones and timber and the building materials produced here were very popular in Montenegro in all times. As time passed the town became a place of attraction for many European tourists. Small houses made of brick and wood and the picturesque mountains and forests that surround it make the town look like a fairytale and astonish one’s imagination with their incredible beauty.

Due to its geographical location and the rich nature Andrijevica can offer all kinds of activities. In the winter time it is definitely the winter sports such as mountain skiing and snowboard (Mountain range Komovi), during the summer the town and its surroundings give a great opportunity for those who love walking, hiking, tracking and rafting (Lim river). There is a lot of fish in the river and water ponds around it and that definitely attracts the fishing sports lovers.

For those of you who are fond of ecological tourism the National Park Biogradska Gora is a must-see. The park is located within only 8 km from the town. It is believed to be the oldest park in Montenegro, its history begins in 1878 and it gained its status of a National Park in 1952. The park has a big variety of flora and fauna. There are over 86 species of trees, some of them more than 400 years old, 2000 species of plants many of which have healing qualities. Nearly 16 sq km of the park are covered with virgin forests and that is the reason the park is among the three European unique forest reserves. Many of the birds and animals found here are included to the Red book. There are 6 glacier lakes in the park – the biggest one is Biogradsko lake. The park provides all the conditions for a quiet rest from everyday chaos.

Places of historical value are the church of Archangel Michael and the city park Knjazevac. The church was built in 1887 and it is a copy of the main temple of Moraca monastery. It became the first Orthodox sanctuary built in this region after the Ottoman Empire and quickly turned to be a popular destination for the pilgrims. The most important icons in the church are dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The city park Knjazevac appeared here in the 19th century. It is famous due to the monuments of the heroes-warriors who gave their lives for Montenegro during the Balkan wars, the First and Second World wars and the conflicts of the 1990s. Each year on the 13th of July on the Memorial day of the Montenegrian rebellion, people from all Montenegro come here to revere the memory of the brave heroes of their country.

There are many different concerts, festivals, theatre performances and exhibitions held in the town during the year.

You must find time to visit this small cozy place!