Visit Tivat

Tivat, the youngest town in the Boka Bay was established on the plateau at the bottom of the Mount Vrmac, which devides it from the town Kotor. According to the archives of Kotor, the following names were mentioned here in the 14th century: Teude, Theode, and Theudo.

Tivat is a town full of changes and incredible destiny. It used to be the seaside resort for the rulers, nobility and poets in the Middle Ages. It enjoyed a peaceful history until the end of the 19th century. But than an Austrian admiral knocked on the door of Mayor of Tivat, captain Marko Krstovic, and announced the establishment of an Austro-Hungarian navy base on the Tivat bay coastline, and Tivat was a navy arsenal, a port and a dry dock. For over a century hundreds of handymen, turners, locksmiths and boat builders were trained in Tivat.

Nowadays, as history repeats itself, Tivat will be the resort for the contemporary nobility, European billionaires, offering huge opportunities for a luxurious tourist experience. Actually, the Canadian billionaire Peter Munk had a different perspective. Instead of grey naval vessels, he saw expensive white yachts, instead of blue uniforms – Chanel suits. The largest and the most beautiful yachts, sailing under flags from all over the world would come and stay in Tivat in Porto Montenegro – the most luxurious yachting resort in the Mediterranean Sea.

Where to stay in Tivat?

Tivat’s small airport is only 3 km south of the town, and although there is no public transport into the town, taxi won’t charge you a lot.
Tivat has several small hotels, most of reasonable value, and many of them located within close proximity to the waterfront. The tourist office has a good catalogue listing local private accommodation, of which there is plenty in both Tivat and the neighbouring suburbs.
Porto Montenegro itself offers luxurious villas with a beautiful see view, as well as modern bars and restaurants with local and international meals.

What to do and see in Tivat?

Tivat doesn’t really have a center. When you come into the town, you should rather ask for Pine, the waterside promenade. Here you can enjoy the walk along the sea or have coffee and cakes in several café bars situated next to each other.

Tivat lacks sand or pebble beaches – instead they are of the concrete-platform variety. There are, however, some lovely sandy beaches outside of town and on the Luštica peninsula. The city park, founded on the estate of Kotor noblemen in 1892, is a true botanical garden, an expansive area of fir, cedar and pine trees, as well as a range of exotic plants brought here by seafarers from all over the world.

If you’d like to experience Tivat and other towns in the Boka Bay from the sea, you can book the excursion Kotor Bay by ship, organized by Globtour Montenegro.

You can also fulfill your free time by visiting the following sightseeings, recommended by Globtour Montenegro:

The summer residence of Buća, the noble family from Kotor, built more than half a millennium ago. Nowadays, it is Museum and Gallery with an open-air summer stage in its garden.
The village of Gornja Lastva - an idyllic village with stone houses and a parish church dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady. Just 3 km north of Tivat, on the Mount Vrmac, from where there are marvelous views of the Bay and Lustica peninsula ahead.

Three islands in the Tivat bay:

*The Island of Flowers – known for the remains of the Holy Archangel Michael Monastery, founded in the 13th century
*Saint Marco Island, the largest one in the Boka Bay, in the 1970s a hugely popular Club Med resort
*Our Lady of Mercy, the island where hermit friars erected the Church of Immaculate Conception, which used to be a temple of the Jesuit Order.

In the summertime numerous cultural and entertainment activities in the open take part in this small town, among them the Mediterranean Theatre Festival “Purgatorije”. There are plenty of places where you can feel great flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine. You can choose between fish restaurants which serve fresh fish dishes and sea food, along with some good wine, or taverns and pizzerias.

Nightlife in Tivat

The visitors of Tivat can have a good time in numerous cafes, open bars by the sea with different musical styles and live music. The entertainment continues in the night clubs and discotheques.

24.10.2013, Published by Globtour Montenegro