Visit Captains lake

Like many lakes in Montenegro, this lake was created as a result of glacier activity, although there are legends about its origin and name, circling among the people Lukavica and neighbouring places.

Capitain's lake

It is situated at an altitude of 1678, according to the origin is glacial lake, its length is 480 m, width 330 m and the maximum depth is 37 m.

Clear, green water and the reflection of the limestone rocks captivate visitors and it is increasingly becoming a favorite camping place for  mountaineers and fishermen. You can go to the lake from the direction of Niksic over the  mine "Zagrad" Luka Bojovića, Bar Bojovića and Nikšin Kiljan. The trip takes an hour and fifteen minutes. The road is paved until Luka Bojovića, further it is covered by pebbles. With careful driving the lake reach also the passenger cars. The other way to the lake, Velji Duboki is reserved only for the most powerful terrain vehicles.

According to the legend, Captain Musović from Niksic had on the place of today's lake pasture and often remained in it, enjoying the beauty of this place. Over his pasture, in the mountainous rocks, there was a spring, whose water fairies used for bathing, and to restore their strength. Every evening fairies gathered at the spring and secretly bathed hidden form men and drank clear spring water. When they wanted to go, before dawn, they closed the spring till the next night and new gathering.

One night a fairy, that went last, forgot to close the spring, whose water flooded the captain Musović's pasture and the surrounding valleys. Then the fairies moved the spring  lower, under the  pasture so that the spring could supplied the newly formed lake with the water. The Captain lake was develop  with the negligence of the fairies or with the imagination of nature, in whose 35-meter-deep water are now enjoying many tourists, that the road takes to this popular meeting place for hikers and fishermen. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,678 meters.

Manito Lake

Manito Lake is located in the area Lukavica, in the central part of Montenegro. This is one of the smaller glacier lakes in Montenegro, which is located near Capitain's lake  at an altitude of 1,773 meters. Also called Brnjičko lake, after the surrounding area Brnik.

Manito Lake is surrounded by grassy and partly rocky areas.  It is located on 40 minutes' walk from Captain's lake,  long 220 and 140 meters wide. The maximum depth is 13 meters. Clear is purely because of their inaccessibility. It has the shape of an egg , clearly edged and dark green, pure color.

From the highest peak of Lukavica you have a wonderful view of the Captain's and Manito Lake. Locals of the area gather usually on St. Elias (2nd August) at the coast of Captain's  Lake. There they entertain themselves, swim, barbecue and fish.Then on the shores of Lake tents up and make a nice atmosphere. With music andentertainment,, fun usually last until late at night.