Visit Berane

A city located in the north-east part of Montenegro within only 50 km from the countries capital - Podgorica. Berane is one of the youngest towns in Montenegro it was founded in the 17th century.

The city is situated on the bank of Lim river. From ancient times these fertile lands attracted Serbians and Montenegrians, they built orthodox churches here, many of which haven’t survived till our days. At that time this territory was called Budimlja and it was inhabited mostly with the people of country Rashka. The first Serbian bishop St Savva founded one of the first episcopacies in 1219 and afterwards many more monasteries have been built here becoming the residences of bishops and metropolitans. Budimlja was occupied by the Turks in the 15th century. They made it a part of the Ottoman Empire and founded the city of Berane.

The local people fought with the Turks for several centuries, but they managed to free their lands only in 1912. The long Turkish domination left its print on the architecture of the town that is why part of modern Berane remained the oriental traits. After its liberation the town was renamed to Ivangrad and only after the break-up of formal Jugoslavia it returned its original name – Berane.

Modern Berane can offer a wide choice of sport activities due to its rich nature and surroundings. During the winter time those who are fond of mountain skiing and snowboard can visit the famous ski-center Lokve on the Smilevica mountain located within 15 km from the town. In the summer time those who are fond of ecological tourism can go to one of the most famous national parks in Montenegro – Biogradska gora. The park has a big variety of flora and fauna. There are over 86 species of trees, some of them more than 400 years old, 2000 species of plants many of which have healing qualities. Nearly 16 sq km of the park are covered with virgin forests and that is the reason the park is among the three European unique forest reserves. Many of the birds and animals found here are included to the Red book. There are 6 glacier lakes in the park – the biggest one is Biogradsko lake.

Berane has many historical places of interest and attracts those who are fond of history and architecture. You can find out more about the towns history in the Polimski museum. There are over 9000 exhibits among which there are archeological, ethnographic, numismatic, heraldic, scientific and art collections. The most interesting exhibits are the items, clothes and weapons of the people of Budimlja; frescoes and icons from the ruined monasteries and churches and the flags of the rebellions.

One other point of historical value is the Monastery of the tracts of St. George located within 2 km from Berane. It was built in 1213 and became the center of the new Serbian eparchy. St Savva pronounced it to be the first Serbian episcopacy in 1219. During its long history the monastery played an important role in the preservation of the national self-consciousness and also in spreading culture throughout the region. The monastery was ruined by the Turks many times and was completely reconstructed only in the 20th century.

The annual festival of winter sports called “Hot winter in the mountains” is held in Berane each winter. It combines sport and art bringing together professional sportsmen and culture figures. It is a very bright and colorful entertainment which you must visit during your stay in Montenegro.