Visit Kotor

Kotor is the oldest town and port on the Adriatic coast. A city wrapped around in fortifications like baby in a cradle. Founded and constructed by the romans in the 9th century this is one of UNESCO sites that stands as magnificent travel destination in Montenegro on Boka Kotorska bay.

Four centuries of Venetian domination have given the city the typical Venetian architecture which makes it as distinctive as Dubrovnik is. During the 16th century renaissance-related literature contributed in the huge development of the city of Kotor: the most famous writers were Bernardo Pima, Nicola Chierlo, Luca Bisanti, Alberto de Gliricis, Domenico and Vincenzo Burchia, Vincenzo Ceci, Antonio Zambella and Francesco Morandi.

In recent years, Kotor is the most visited destination in Montenegro with constant increase in tourist visitors. So unless you are traveling in Montenegro- Kotor in May or October don’t expect a much relaxing atmosphere. Kotor is a beauty that must be seen with its old architecture, sailor schools, Dalmatian charm will take you to a completely different century.

Where to stay in Boka kotorska bay

Kotor Bay is a destination for romantic breaks and relaxing family holidays, its location enables you to visit the rest of the famous vacation destinations in Montenegro. You can have daily excursions or rent-a-car to visit the other areas for day trips if you want to experience a little more excitement. Close for visit are the major city of Montenegro, Podgorica, the canyon of river Tara and Budva.

Advisable locations for stay in Kotor are the nearby villages like Perast, Risan or Prcanj. Which have grate infrastructure to Kotor but can still provide you with calm vacation destination.

These villages wore once homes to the sailors of Montenegro, later they provided healing capacities as the air in the bay is known to be very rich on iodine and has always been a best destination for family vacations.

Perast, Risan or Prcanj. are small and beautiful sites with amazing architecture and lovely atmosphere. In Risan you will find a modern beach and a more modern feeling for the area, but this village in some way senses a little cut off from the rest of the bay. Prcan is a village with the largest church in the area, and it is closest to the city of Kotor however this village guarantees the piece and quiet for all those tourists and travelers that need their some sort of more private and calm vacation in Montenegro.

What to do in Kotor

Shopping: In the interior of the Old Kotor the largest number of shops and boutiques can be found. Cute and secluded so be ready to recognize our store from a car window view. These boutiques offer different brands and fashion clothes from mostly Italian vendors. However dot expect to do your season shopping here, aside from being expensive it is also very small diversity in selection.

Explore Kotor-As all old towns in Kotor you will find small restaurants that serve the best food in the world Dalmatian and Balkan cuisine. Unless you choose to eat fish the prices in the restaurants vary from normal to cheap. Bon appetite!

On the second entrance into the Old town, just across the Kotor Riva and harbor you will find the charming Kotor bazaar or market. Since forever citizens of Kotor remember that this is was the place that was used for exchange of goods. Today a popular tourist site this bazar offers bio and eco food for a bit harder price. Don’t be surprised!

Nightlife in Kotor as in all other countries is consisted of nightclubs, bars and discos. You can find entertainment in the old town of Kotor but also outside the city walls. For this area it is very normal to party until 1 am in the old city in the nearby bars and afterwards to continue in several famous discotheques for clubbing. Enjoy!

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