Visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the main cities of Croatia and also one of the most beautiful towns of the Mediterranean. It is known to be the “pearl” of the Adriatic. This beautiful town became popular among tourists from the 19th century, due to its marvelous architecture, medieval atmosphere and numerous monuments and historical sights.

The town has a rich and interesting history. It was the only city-republic that could compete with the powerful Venice. The Latin name of the town is Ragusa from the name of the island where the refugees from the modern Cavtat founded a settlement. Opposite to the island emerged a setteling called Dubrava and later on converted to Dubrovnik. These to settlements united into one and formed the city of Dubrovnik. The town has always been the center of art, architecture, science, culture, Croatian language. For a long period of time the people here spoke the Dalmatian language, which is now extinct. Dubrovnik is the hometown of many famous poets, writers, dramaturges, scientists and painters.

Bernard Shaw once said : “if you want to see heaven on Earth – visit Dubrovnik”. And that is absolutely true.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik?

The Old Town is the historical heart of Dubrovnik with the largest number of monuments, historical sights, shops, restaurants and bars. You can always choose to stay in the Old Town itself, which is rather expensive, or within walking distance of the Old Town.

The shortcoming of staying in the Old Town is that it can be quite noisy during the high season and doesn’t offer you much accommodation with a great sea view. There is enough private apartments and hotels in the neighborhoods of the Old Town, which are only a 10-15 minute walk from it. Though you must keep in mind that to get a great sea view you will surely have to go up long stairways, that can consist of up to 300 steps.

For those who prefer a calmer holiday, with swimming pools and nice beaches, it is better to stay in the nearby villages of Zaton, Lozica, Mlini, Mikosica, Plat and Cavtat. Therefore you may need either public transportation, taxi or rent-a-car to get to Dubrovnik.

What to do in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is famous for its rich architecture, fabulous historical sights, great beaches, hotels, clear blue sea and smooth Mediterranean climate. Firstly, as a must, you have to see the Old Town. Enter the city through the Pile Gate, enjoy a walk down the main street - Stradun that will lead you to the central square - the Loza square, with the city hall, fountain, clock tower and the Orlandovsky Pole. No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without a walk around the city walls (about 2 km long), from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the town, sea and harbour.

Globtour Montenegro recommends you to visit the following historical sights of the Old Town:

  • Franciscan Monastery and Museum, built in the 13th century and later on turned into one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe
  • Rector’s Palace, built in the 15th century, famous for its outstanding sculptural ornamentation
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, built in the 12th century, supposedly as a gift from the English king Richard Lion Heart, who survived a shipwreck on the nearby island of Lokrum.
  • The fortress of Saint Ivan, where you can visit the Naval Museum and the Aquarium, where you can see all the sea habitants.

The south of the Adriatic is famous for its beautiful unspoiled nature, with pines, cypresses, baytrees, villages enchanted into the raw cliffs and picturesque bays. You must visit the nearby islands of Korcula, Mlet, Hvar and of course Lokrum, known for its sandy beach, monastery and botanical garden. You can also visit the arboretum, found in 1492, in the city of Trstno, only 12 km away from Dubrovnik. And of course enjoy the view of the town and harbor from the rope-way leading up the mountain Srdz to a height of 405 meters above sea level. Dubrovnik holds numerous festivals and carnivals during the touristic season.

Nightlife in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, being a popular touristic destination, is also famous for its nightlife. The Old town is as interesting at nighttime as it is at daytime. It holds many bars and pubs that offer you different kind of music and atmosphere. All the bars are small and cozy, not able to fit all the guests inside, so it is a usual practice that the waiter surveys you outside, close to the bar. Most bars and pubs work until 1 A.M. and than you can move on to the popular nightclubs.

Dubrovnik, being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a part of the UNESKO World Heritage is a place that you must visit and that will remain in you heart for a lifetime.

17.10.2013, Published by Globtour Montenegro