Visit Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana is the most south point of the Adriatic coast and the closest to the Montenegro-Albania border. The island Ada has the shape of a triangle and is washed from two sides by the Bojana river and by the Ardriatic sea from the third side. Far away from the touristic noise, surrounded by the virgin nature and the clear waters of the Adriatic, Ada Bojana has been a popular touristic destination in Montenegro for a long time.

The legend says that this island appeared on the place where the ship “Merito” had a shipwreck. The ship sank and remained underwater for a long period of time, during which the people tried to figure out how to lift it up to the surface. It remained “captured” in the water so long that the sand slowly covered it and eventually an island was formed. The island connects the mainland with a bridge, that seems to divide two worlds – normal and free. In 1973 a nudist village called Adad Bojana was founded on the island and from then on it has become a favorite place for those who enjoy such holiday.

Where to stay in Ada Bojana?

Nowadays the island consists of private accommodation of different kind: a big variety of bungalows classes A, B and L (lux). You can always choose to stay in the old town of Ulcinj and to visit the Ada Bojana beach by taxi, bus or with the car you can rent. Ada Bojana is 85 km from the Podgorica airport and 102 km from the Tivat airport.

What to do in Ada Bojana?

Ada Bojana is well known for its sandy beach, stretched on a distance of 3,8 km. The sea is very shallow, so it is a great beach for children or those who like to lie down in the waves close to the shore. The beach can hold up to 13 000 people. Ada Bojana is famous for its sunsets, when the dance of colors starts to create a unique picture of sea, sand and sky. Ada Bojana restaurants are famous for river fish and a variety of Montenegrian cuisine. Of course, due to its calm water, and long seaside Ada Bojana is a great place for wind surfing, sailing, water skiing. You can always enjoy a horseback ride if you feel like it.
Ada Bojana is only 15 km from Ulcinj and 39 km from Bar, so you can easily enjoy those towns and all other touristic destinations of Montenegro.

New York Times included Ada Bojana, in the ranking of the top tourist destinations for 2010.

Ada Bojana is a highly recommended tourist destination in Montenegro and in the world for all those ready to enjoy nature as Naturists.

14.10.2013, Published by Globtour Montenegro