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Wine road and Globtour Montenegro will take you on a journey through the history and tradition of grape-growing and viticulture in Montenegro.

The excursion offers you the opportunity to compare modern and traditional methods of wine production. Wine road will take you through our country’s most interesting and most remarkable vineyards. After a drive along the coast, the journey takes you alongside Skadar Lake and further on towards Podgorica, to the Montenegro’s biggest vineyard.

Montenegro’s grape-growing tradition dates back to the 2nd century AD. The coastal area and the region around Skadar Lake are particularly suitable for grape-growing and wine production. Vranac and Krstač are two indigenous varieties of wine which Montenegrins are particularly proud of.

The culture of grape-growing in Montenegro goes back to the Pre-Romanic period. Grapevine has been first grown on the banks of Skadar Lake, later on it spread to the coastal and central part of Montenegro. Numerous records from the Roman period testify about grape varieties and methods of grape-growing. The first regulations in the grape and wine production have been set during the reign of King Nikola Petrovic in the second half of the 19th century. One of the laws mandated that each groom, if he was from the wine-growing area, must prove he planted 100 to 1.000 grapevines. The foundations of modern viticulture in Montenegro have been put in the period between the Two World Wars.

Nowdays, Montenegro has about 4.300 ha of vineyards. But the most important project in this area is "Ćemovsko field" in the vicinity of the capital Podgorica, in which Montenegro gained the biggest vineyard with modern wineries.


Visit: “13 jul – Plantaže”

We take you to the visit of the largest vineyard in one complex in Europe, which covers an area of ​​2.310 ha with 11 million grapevines, both domestic and world famous varieties.

Company "Jul 13 – Plantaže" is a leader in the production of grapes and wine in Montenegro, as well as in the region. Thanks to favorable climatic and geographical conditions, this company successfully cultivated various types of grapevine. But the so-called Vranac variety is what the largest vineyard in Montenegro stands out for, whose wine has become a national brand and a recognizable product of "13 Jul - Plantaže".

After a drive through the vineyard and a short stop at belvedere, you reach the “Šipčanik” wine cellar. This wine cellar is situated in the centre of the biggest vineyard of Montenegro. Before we enter Šipčanik, you will have a chance to enjoy the view to the entire vineyard. Šipčanik was an underground aircraft hangar of the Yugoslav Army until the 1990s. In 2007 it was reconstructed and converted into a wine cave by the Plantaže company. It has a shape of tunnel, which is 356 m long. In these rooms covering 7000 square meters wine has been held and tended. In the wine cellar tasting of several sorts of wine is foreseen.

Visit: Crmnica and “Kopitović” winery

The wine road continues to the grape-growing region of Crmnica. Wine cellars of small private wineries are the best opportunity to learn about the tradition of wine production in Montenegro – this has been cherished here for centuries, combined with beauty of the scenery, traditional lifestyle, authentic rural ambience and traditional culture. There is also an opportunity to visit the  wine cellar of the family Kopitović, taste the wine and enjoy the national specialties typical for our country.

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