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Start Days Sun
Guide English, German
Duration 1 Day
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150€ /Person
Be a part of Globtour Montenegro team who will, along with experienced guides, explore Nevidio Canyon, last conquered canyon in Europe.

Canyon Nevidio is the place where the mountains of Durmitor and Vojnik crashed into each other millions of years ago. The River Komarnica had cut this canyon deep in the severe rock long time ago. This is the last conquered canyon in Europe. The name Nevidio (Not Seen) speaks for itself- it is mysterious and hardly accessible. The canyon was not explored until 1965, when the Montenegrin alpinists passed through it for the first time. Nevidio canyon is about 4,5 km long, on some points 2 – 3 m wide. In some places its cliffs narrow down to half meter, and their height reaches almost 400 m.


We drive through the attractive natural environment of Piva River to the starting point of canyoning in Nevidio canyon, passing by the artificial Pivsko Lake, over the hydropower Mratinje on the height of 240 m.
As we arrive to the starting point of canyoning, the experienced guide will give you instructions and provide necessary equipment. Some parts of the canyon can be reached only with rock-climbing equipment.
The upper part of the course is a wide valley going narrower by Pošćenje village to only ten meters, thus making the entrance to Nevidio canyon. The surrounding of the entrance is one of the most astounding in the area of Durmitor massif. The village Pošćenje with its two glacier lakes and the periodical waterfall Skakavica, which pours the water of the Grabovica River from a 70 meters high cliff, constitute the beauty of this region.

First encounter with Nevidio will dazzle you with its indescribable, fabulous and strange beauty, a kind the man was not used to. On the way through the four and a half kilometres long canyon you will come across waterfalls, straits, cascades, white water, narrow channels and a whole gallery of nature-made sculptures. The adrenalin will rise as you pass under huge boulders, jumping in foaming rapids from the height of several meters. Imagine yourselves in the heart of spectacular canyon, swimming through a meter wide narrows, while the sky is reduced to the thinnest line. The hardest challenge is the so-called Gate of Kamikazes – about 80 meters long section and in some parts only 20 centimetres wide. Once you get in and start going down the galleries, cascades and waterfalls you cannot go back - you have to go all the way to the end.

The biggest part of the canyon is in eternal shadow. Sunlight cannot reach its bottom because of the steep cliffs. On these sheer and hardly reachable rocks the vegetation grows in harsh conditions, so one can say the canyon is a pearl of the cruel nature.
Nowadays Nevidio canyon is unique experience in Montenegro. Irretrievable beauty of the gorge, cascades and sparkling waterfalls that Nevidio Canyon wards is reason enough to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro.

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