Global Adria Half Marathon 2015

Global Adria International Half Marathon & 10K race, which will be organized by Global Ports Holding at September 6th, 2015, first time in Kotor, Montenegro is believed to be a new race which will excite runners from different countries.

Especially with its wonderful nature and course, Global Adria International Half Marathon & 10K race is planned to get acclaimed in Europe, grow each year and get an important place in the world of athletics.

The race center is located at the entrance of Old Town Kotor at Kotor, Montenegro. The event area will serve to our runners beginning at September 4th Friday morning. The race packages will be delivered at the event area. You can register International Global Adria Half Marathon & 10K race on with your credit card. The registration fees are 15 EUR for the half marathon and 10 EUR for the 10K race.

The starting lines for both distances are the same. The race course is located along the seaside of Kotor Bay. During the race, the traffic will be closed and necessary precautions will be taken for the safety of runners.

Collected registration fees will be donated to Secondary school of Economics and Hospitality in Bar, Montenegro.