Montenegro participating in AITF 2013 for the first time

Owing to the good political relations between Azerbaijan and Montenegro, the latter, for the first time is participating in 12th Azerbaijan International Travel and Tourism Fair (AITF).

An agreement on cooperation in various areas of the economy, including tourism, was reached during the visit of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev to Montenegro. One result of this agreement was the implementation of a charter flight project, which will be launched on 6 June. This year there will be direct flights once a week, with a view to increasing this frequency in the future.

Also by a decision of the Government of Montenegro, Azerbaijani citizens arriving on these flights with a tourist voucher issued by Polar East will not need a visa for visits between 31 May and 31 October.

The national stand of Montenegro at AITF is presented by the tour operator ErTours Montenegro, which is actively working with the countries of the CIS (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), as well as the five-star hotel Splendid, tourism offices in several cities, the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group and Fly Montenegro, which will be providing the charter flights.

Montenegro’s participation in AITF 2013 allows the country to share details with Azerbaijan related to its tourism potential and the opportunities for recreation with a mass audience.