Montenegro Busker Fest - Budva

We invite you to one of the most interesting and certainly the most original event on the Montenegrin coast, from the 13th to the 23 th of Jun.

Montenegro Busker Fest is an annual festival which gathers street artists from Japan, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Malta, Sweden, Argentina and Macedonia. It takes place on the streets and squares in the vicinity of the Old town Budva, as well as in Petrovac. The festival seeks to put musicians, actors, comedians, acrobats, jugglers and dancers face-to-face with our tourists and visitors.

There’s something for the whole family- juggling, dancing, comedy, puppetry, mime and acrobatic, magicians etc. Amazing shows from around the World! These performers will delight and surprise you. You can even have a chance to participate in these exciting and joyful street performances. Entertainment, laugh, joy, all this during 10 days on Busker Fest in Budva!