Southern Soul Festival 2016

Jun 30 to Jul 3, Music and dance, the sun and the sea is what you ll get during this event taking place at the longest beach in Montenegro, non-stop for four amazing days!

If you enjoy the chilling and paryting during long days on the beach, this event taking place fourth year in a row, gathering up around 40 influential names in soul, jazz, disco and house music who come here from the region and the entire world is the perfect place for your best summer fun.

You don't need to go too far - Montenegrin version of Copacabana beach, about 13km long is the real deal for you this summer. Four days of the funky groovy mood on the sandy beach, kitesurfing, fishing, all in all - la dolce vita is a no-brainer for your perfect vacation. This unique ambience along with the lovely people you'll meet here are a unique experience that will make you feel reborn. You deserve it!